Business Services


Starting, maintaining, and growing a business is complicated process which presents many challenges to small and large business owners alike. Project Solutions, Inc. has experienced these challenges firsthand. Our network of qualified team members has a similar business culture, background, education, and experience as our clients. PSI’s Business Consulting division serves various city, state, federal, and tribal agencies, as well as private small businesses, company boards, non-profit organizations.

We provide a variety of business consulting services to help businesses establish the foundation they need to flourish:


As you develop your business and start moving it forward, you need to create a plan for the future. We can help. PSI has proven experience in outlining an organization’s direction, generating a strategic based on a company’s needs and values, and helping companies follow that plan.


Many new and established businesses, non-profit organizations, company boards, and government agencies find themselves making big decisions without getting all of the facts first. Our staff can get you the data you need to take the guess work out of important issues. PSI has extensive experience in survey administration and market research. We cater our approach to your needs and the needs of your customers. We have experience working in remote locations and creating unique strategies to collect as much valuable information as possible.


Our administrative staff is capable of providing your business with all of the tools you need to succeed. Whether you are looking for board administration to help you keep on top of your busy schedules, or you’re searching for someone to help facilitate communication between your key players, PSI has the experience and the solutions you need.


PSI has an experienced team of IT professionals to help you solve your technology woes. From internet security, to system upgrades, to website design and deployment, we can provide everything your business, board, or non-profit needs to stay competitive.


PSI has a team of graphic designers and writers on staff to help you establish your company’s name and image. We can help your company create logos, design graphics and advertisements, write job postings and press releases, and create an online social media presence.

“I have not heard one complaint in the 18 months or so that PSI has been our Board manager that no one has answered the phone, not returned a voicemail, or did not respond in some manner to an inquiry or request. I believe our records are better organized and up to date and that we have more efficient and productive Board meetings due to this high level of organization.”– Deborah Davis, Chair, NDBACE