As the inspection contractor, PSI’s inspectors performed all services required for coordination, daily surveillance, and inspection throughout the performance period of assigned construction contracts up to completion and final inspection of the Construction Task Orders. In addition, PSI was responsible for reporting to and working through the designated Ellsworth Air Force Base (EAFB) project manager or construction manager, the technical representative for the EAFB contracting officer.

PSI was also responsible for reviewing documentation and submittals including shop drawings, test results, certificates, warranties and material samples. We maintained a file for each project, a daily log book of the job site activity, detailed monthly reports, a construction deficiency list, and digital color photographs of the construction including before and after pictures. We also participated in both the pre-final and final inspections for each project. PSI was selected by EAFB for its ability to provide design review and quality control inspections coupled with detailed reports, quality assurance oversight of the contractor’s quality control and safety plans, and our ability to cover the diverse individual work elements contained in the project.

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